Friday, November 13, 2009

flashback Friday the 13th.

The challenge was to do a lo of a veteran. I chose to go back to my "wayback" machine lol!!! and dig in my Roots Journal (that was Year's in the making) for this challenge.
Charles Altemus is my great grandfather and a handsome man. There is debate on which National Guard, Infantry, Calvary he served in. I have 3 different accounts all documented here. He was an interesting man.

My roots journal is a very informal, diary style book that has stories based on what my aunts, documentation, and could tell me. It was years in the making researching, confiscating pix and rooting out long forgotten stories. I consider this one of my best accomplishments based on the fact when I took it to a family reunion I had to watch it like a hawk. People lusted after it. No better praise than that. Smirk.

journaling: My handsome, manly great grandfather was quite the adventurer. According to Aunt Florence he was either in the NJ or PA Nat'l Guard. According to an online source, Charles was in the infantry - the crossed rifles - and the photo was taken about 1885 (id'd by the cream/white chevrons). Charles may also have been in the calvary as well. He also traved to California and Alaska to find his fortune. At one time Charles & Ida owned Altermus Haberdashery on Northampton St., Easton PA from 1910-1918. He also had a clothing store in the early 1900's. According to Aunt Florence they were well off until the stock market fell. According to a newspaper article interviewing my nana (his daughter) Charles served in the Easton Nat'l Guard. He died of a stroke while working on their farm later in life.


  1. Those photos are fascinating and I love how you've scrapped them. WTG!

  2. What an awesome layout! You are so lucky to have those old photos. Love your journaling, as always!


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