Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Flashback Friday 12.11.09.....I went Digi Again!!

What can I say except that when some challenges come around I'm exceptionally chatty. Really. And "what I wanted to be when I was growing up..... was it. So of course I made a long story even longer bwahahaha! However, I'm liking the way it came out. Fits in with my Hybrid-(now)DIGI all about me book. and WA-LA. Scrappin' at its finest. Snort. Now all I have to do is figure out how to PRINT it with TOP in tact. and OH YEAH...borderless. However, I digress once again whining about this and that. for your reading pleasure (war and peace) bwahaha....OH Cottage Arts comes through again........
journaling: When I was growing up I had no clue what I wanted to be or do. Career wise or work wise. As most of you know, watching Perry Mason one of my favorite shows, I found Della Street his secretary extrordinaire. And for some reason I found that fascinating and something I could maybe do. So beginning in 9th grade I signed up for typewriting and shorthand classes, and loved them both. Excelled actually. What a surprise. So after graduation, perusing the wanted ads, I KNEW that I could then be the secretary to President of Florida Steel. Naive that I was it didn’t occur to me that I would actually NEED to work my way into that position. LOL. So in the meantime, I put my application into the local phone company GTE. They were only hiring operators, and the wonderful lady in HR told me to get my foot “in the door” by taking the job and I could then be ”promoted within” to other departments. So that became the start of my career. I was an operator for 9 months and the supervisor decided I needed more of a challenge than being “Hang man champ” of the section; I was promoted to a clerical position in Engineering, I was then promoted (after about 6 years) to secretary in Transition Management (cutovers), veered off to Service Rep, went back to being a Secretary in Accounting, which was a perfect move. THC”d (higher temporary classification) to become a Secretary to Director of Accounting which was my stepping stone into management. FINALLY!!!! After 19 years I FINALLY MADE IT!! Believe it or not I had issues with umm....playing the games. I know that was a surprise. After reading the writing on the wall with the new technology coming out, secretaries or Administrative Assistants as it was then known then was really on its way out. People answered their own phones, voicemail took the message, and email and word processing was available to everyone. I then took another tack and applied for and became a sales assistant to the equipment side of the company. Another advancement in management. Then after a couple of years as a sales assistant, I MADE IT TO MIDDLE MANAGEMENT as

project manager. It was then I felt that I finally “made it.” I had a career, money to raise my kids with benefits to take care of our needs, and a job that I had to idea I would absolutely LOVE. I remained in that position until I retired in 2002. Had not GTE sold to Bell Atlantic to became Verizon, I would have not considered retiring. Because changing circumstances made it impossible to do the best job I could, I took the option to leave/retire while I was still successful, after 30 years. Journaling 12.16.09


  1. Awesome...I've been playing with digi a bit!

  2. I LOVE that layout Lynn!!!! Great journaling too!

  3. WooHoo a great digi page! I love it Lynn!

  4. what a cool layout and i loved the story, too

  5. Awesome page and fantastic journaling Lynn ... love it.


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