Monday, November 16, 2009

Goth on.....

get it??? game on, goth on. Well alrighty then, had to be there. snort. Anyway.....I had a blast this Halloween dressing up. It's been years. Really. So I jumped in, and wanted something that I could do my job w/o a costume getting in the way. Only problem was the fake lip ring, which was really an earring prop made it difficult to talk so I had to take it out, and it was also against store policy. Leave it to me to unwittingly break a rule or two. Anyway the peeps at work are still stunned. The ole lady went goth. bwahaha. Keeps them on their toes. Love that.

I FINALLY GOT TO USE MY TIM HOLTZ GRUNGEBOARD SKULL & CROSSBONES. WOOO HOOOO!!! It took me awhile b/c I couldn't decide what colors I wanted. I didn't have any Halloween paper, but the colors on this awesome die cut circle by MM were perfect. So I could be goth and girlie at the same time. Can we say oxymoron??????snort. Anyway a little sassafrass lass, primas (no lo is perfect w/o them) bling (again) and qk Vixen font. Vixen get it. like all girlie and sexy. SNORT. (laughing uncontrollable here-feel free to jump in). However I am liking the black hair. Wouldn't that be a change. {{{{CHHAANNGGEEE}}}} whole 'nother ball o' wax. guffaw.


  1. What a great costume - too funny about the lip ring!!!

    Love the layout too! :)

  2. Your costume rocks! :D
    And I'll take 64 degrees anyday, hell, that would be a heatwave here ;)

  3. Looks like you had fun & what a great layout!

  4. Ha love your post about stunning them at work!! WTG girl!

    Great lo too Lynn!

  5. haha love the title Lynn! Great layout and great grunge/girlie layout! :)

  6. very fun!! LOVE the black hair!! heehee!! and i love the scalloped circle...perfect!! :)

  7. Wow...I bet they were surprised! You've got guts :)



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