Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Surf was up at the Venice Jetty on Sunday!!

Totally BIG news for the west coast - especially Gulf waters. Surf!!! and it was totally rockin' and rollin' and the surfers were out making it sooooo very easy. The water was freezing as was the 15 mph winds that day. It was not a good day for small crafts or any type of craft for that matter. I took 18-55 lens - wanting the challenge of not doing close ups all the time. I do have the 28-300 tamron and I do love it. It's not perfect but I love it as an all purpose lens - however, I do tend to go close up instead of standing back. So I HAD to stand back. Except for the surfers looking like bugs riding the waves, I enjoyed standing back. Getting the BIG picture. What a concept (said dryly).

Also got a shot of one of my favorite birds dipping and wheeling in the water. It was funny to watch because they had to wait until the wind died down and then they'd launch into the air or bounce from rock to rock.

We then headed to Caspersen beach and it was there I played w/the camera settings. The sun was shining through the

clouds and photograph the light. I get emails from photographer Darren Rowse and he gives all kinds of tips and tricks. It would totally help if I could remember stuff from one minute to the next, but I used the ole clicking and method - rebel style. lol!!!! I came close - but most importantly I messed with the settings. Since the pix weren't GOTTA HAVE ONE TIME SHOTS GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME no pressure there. Love that. There's also a boardwalk/nature walk behind the beach that's very cool. Then other than the scenery was the photo op of the run aground sail boat. Can't go wrong w/something like that. It was abandoned and it looks like the anchor didn't hold. If the beach bums play their cards right it could be a tourist attraction. bwahahaha!


  1. Gorgeous pictures Lynn, especially the boat ones! So makes me want to live near water!

  2. You're so lucky to live near the water - and yeah for sure Gulf waters are known for lacking surf so great capture of what little y'all had! LOL - I think you did wondefully on the photos - and you're right - that boat can be used pretty creatively if they play their cards right! LOL

  3. that is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!! justloe those photos! that sailboat is too cool

  4. Fantastic photos, you do live in a very pretty corner of the world.

  5. FRIGGIN AWESOME PHOTOS. When the heck am I supposed to visit you???GEEEZ

  6. wow! love the pictures ! sounds like you had a great day!


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