Friday, October 16, 2009

Once again Flashback Friday 10.16

The challenge!!! Scrap about your childhood stuffed animal. Since I didn't have a photo of mine. I used Nick because the name of the stuffed animal has been passed down. My brother and I had matching rabbits and both were named BunBun. Yeah I know. LOL!!! AND we knew who's was who's. It always freaked my mom out. bwahahaha!!!

Anyway I adore Fancy Pants kraft kuts, qk blossom - what would I do w/out this font? and bazzill.

Carrying on tradition, when my son acquired a stuffed rabbit, it was creatively named BunBun. Like my brother and I before, BunBun was loved to the point of extinction. As with all BunBun’s, he was a sidekick in pretend play, nap time, and joy riding. BunBun was dragged by his ears, held up by his tail and lost his eyes, yet he remained a best bud. He was further embarrassed by being thrown in the washer, tumbled in the dryer, or in my day, hung by his ears on the clothes line. BunBun quietly disappeared as his stuffing was lost. BunBun will always be remembered fondly.


  1. Love your design and the colors are beautiful!! :)

  2. Such a great page!
    My youngest has a bunny that is loved to pieces, looks like she's in good company :)

  3. thx for stopping by my blog, lynn! fabulous LO - love how you used the fancy pants!

  4. bwahahahaha - the journaling of bun bun cracked me up. I can totally relate as I had a stuffed dog creatively named Tara that I did the same thing to. Love this flashback -- your page is awesome!


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