Monday, October 12, 2009

Relative Fun.......

Believe it or not. The exercise in frustration for this lo was NOT PSE 6.onmynerves. BUT the title. I know I know but there it is. It took a week to figure out a title that wasn't obvious. Here were are at Ocean Beach which has become a tradition for us to meet up w/family over the Labor Day holiday (taking the place of Thanksgiving since I can't get more than the day off now). I adore Labor Day at Ocean Beach - my SIL's have little cottages there and the families swarm in and are happy to jump in the freezing water. LOL!!! Anyway I didn't do much journaling here because I have like 5 years worth and its getting redundant. But I digress. Again. And you're surprised I know.

Back to the title. So I decided Relative Fun which may have been used before, tells it all w/o being oooooooooooooooo say our Labor Day at the Shore blah blah blah that's been done oh a 500 times in my books. HOWEVER, I had a vision. About how THAT should look. So in my infinite wisdom I started with Deja View rubons which worked quite well. I wanted to OVERLAY part of the title and decided that red American Craft was the perfect size because FUN was BIG. WELL....these are OLD Amer Craft and I forgot how sucky they were to rub on (and have since been trashed), but once I was committed I kept going. It looked really REALLY awful. So I took the same colored paper (BG LimeRickey btw) and overlaid with TACKY GLUE, and giving up the title, I decided to use a foam stamp, with black paint that said "loving the moment" . WEEEELLLLLLLLLL that bit the HORRID WTH was I thinking DUST. Of course it was glued down. So because I was a tad annoyed *insert eyeroll* I ripped it UP(that stuff dries really really fast. Really. Sigh. So now I needed a BIGGER piece to cover it. AND decided to put the title on BEFORE I glued the damn thing down. What a concept. Snort. I used Tech Tuesday alpha stamp, overlaid w/MM rub ons (which I dearly love and of course are now discontinued-which also bites). And then added some swirly s**t that looks like waves to hopefully NOT POINT OUT that the paper was overlaid AGAIN. Third time - the charm. bwahahaha. GEEZ but seriously how painful was all that??????Snort. I have a gift for painful. lmao.......

Basic Grey Lime Rickey - pp & embellies
SPE template 106 (and yes I believe eventually I'll be using them all) snort.
bellesimo rub ons
tech tues stamp-catalina
mm rub ons heidi


  1. Love all those photos on that layout Lynn and the black looks fabulous with those bright colors!

  2. girl - your crazy. love the post - had me lmao cuz how many times have I ripped things off to only have a bigger problem. annoying for sure but luckily for you- no one would ever know. I love the multi-photos! Awesome page chickie!

  3. This is all so funny b/c I get worked up over titles too! Great layout!

  4. I think it was all worth it in the end Lynn. (easy for me to say right? lol) At least it wasn't PSE this time. ;)


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