Friday, October 30, 2009

Nostalgia! -Not my Atlantic City!

When my DH and I went to Ocean Beach my SIL's decided we needed a girl's day. So Atlantic City was on the agenda because they do love to gamble. They are a lot of fun so really we had a great ride down and back, and when we got there we each had our own mission! Their's of course was to gamble. Mine was two-fold. First I needed to get warm duds because alas to my surprise the weather turned cold and I was not prepared, and DH were headed to NY for dinner and a play. SO...they had cool little shops (not there when I was young) that I got some great deals; slacks, shoes, long sleeve shirt. WOO HOO!!! I looked sharp! bwahahaha! So after that mission was completed, I decided I wanted to see if I could find any landmarks from yesteryear. Of course Steel Pier was different- its an arcade. No more diving horses or celebrities. Sigh. BUT I did find the jitneys (small buses) that my dad thought were the coolest and EVERY one should have them in their cities, the rides still remain, a fudge shop and the world famous Salt Water Taffy. I didn't get any because A. its really NOT good for the teeth and B. its really not good for my teeth. I had visions of all my caps just being ripped out. NOT pretty. And the board walk was still the board. walk. Different shops, different - yet the same. Its still a cool walk or ride. Because the dudes and now dudettes still do the rickshaw rides. In amongst the glitz and glitter it was really cool to find some nostalgia.

Used some stash on this - my mind's eye pp & brad, sassafrass lass pp & paper whimsies, elle's studio label, sticko bingo card, sbe template 211 (yes i'm almost thru them bwahhahahaha! NOT!!! amer crafts rubons that worked WAY better than the last ones. some of the products were from kenner road kits.


  1. Great layout. I've never been to Atlantic City... and I don't even live that far... I can probably get there in 6 hours. We usually do Ocean City or Rehoboth in Delaware. My inlaws got to the casinos there.

  2. Great layout! I have fond memories of AC as a child. I even did a scrapbook page about it. I would be curious to see it again

  3. Fantastic page, Lynn! I haven't been to AC in years and years. You really captured the nostalgia here!


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