Friday, July 31, 2009

Flashback Friday 7-31 (dang where did JULY go???

This week's challenge was to scrap about a childhood pet so meet my Gram's cat. bwahaha! He was a pistol. So your eye's aren't deceiving you - I held the camera crooked for creativeness so you can't tell that I can't do a straight line with a ruler. snort. Okaaaaaaay. I have this bridge. lol!!!! Anyway I love graphic 45 an realized after it was completed that that is Christmas paper. However, it worked well w/the photo so what the heck. I even broke out the deckle scissors and CHALK. gasp.

journaling: Gram kept him in a birdcage when he was a kitten so he wouldn’t get lost in the cellar or the attic.

He would hide under the bed, wait for you to walk by, and attack your legs.

He loved to lay in the kitchen window and watch the world go by.

He was only allowed outside on a chain.

He was only allowed to lay on one chair in the living room.

He would nap with Grandpop, laying on his chest where the amplifier for Grandpop’s hearing aid was, and when he purred, Grandpop hit the roof.


He only did that once. LOL!

I do not remember how he came to be called Ugly.


  1. I love the music. The layout is wonderful

  2. oh how cuteeeeeee. love your journaling!!

  3. The paper looks great, doesn't matter if it's Xmas!


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