Sunday, July 26, 2009's Lynn attempting to be a mixed media

artist. BWAHAHAAHA! Okay now that you're done laughing (I'm assuming with me LOL). It had its moments of FUN. I splattered glimmer mist EVERYWHERE, then I moved on to Tim Holtz's crackle paint and slapped that everywhere including some extra places, like the floor, the desk, my newly done nails. And of course I used every color I had. I did have to pitch a green one though. Dried up. CANUBELIEVEIT??? Well these are the leftover pix from the dino book. So I got a little carried away printing. You can never have TOO many pictures. Can you? After slapping paint around and letting dry for a few days. I used some BG Lime Rickey to kind of offset the fact that my depth perception stinks. I even popped a few out to diffuse the crookedness. Which is just me. bwahahaha!!! Anyway used Creative Cafe stamps which sort of worked with paint. And I used uniball signo white gel (which sticking it in the fridge doesn't ungunk it like it says-but the fact that it had been in there for oh say MONTHS-could have an impact on that little gem). Anyhoo, used that puppy for a bit of journaling. Umm...this is one where the safe road would be UHH cute pictures Lynn. LMAO.......


  1. Kudos to you for stepping out of the box! You're braver and more creative than me!

  2. I really like it! Big fan of Glimmer Mist myself, makes everything look better and I find myself experimenting with mixing lots of colors too.
    Thank you for sharing your art!


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