Thursday, July 16, 2009

You'll be thrilled to know my penny sandals are

still intact (no slogging through lakes of water) after finding this beauty set back from the road coming home the back way. This is what is known as a shotgun shack - named because you can fire a shotgun through the front door and it'll go through the house right out the back door. I have blown by this house several bazillion times because well its a BACK road and NO ONE follows the speed limit. lol!! However, because of ROAD work going on, I was FORCED to not only slow down but *gasp* come to a stop. No point in getting upset over things outta my control - especially when my camera's handy. bwahahaha!


  1. This is such a great shack! I love it!

  2. how many ditches did you jump to photo this one? rofl hehehe my mom used to do this when i was a teenager she would stop in the middle of the highway I would get soooooooo mad.

  3. Oh wow what a great find! I can see some awesome pics coming from this place. Nice eye!

  4. Interesting shack and I like the tree right beside it - potential there. [haha - love that 'would it kill ya to comment' gadget on your site - too funny!]



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