Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hold me tight!

Love this photo by Jill Tetreault who's doing a WAY better job of it than I would. Anyway - my 2 boys, a couple of posers, of which Connor so reminds me of Shane *gasp*. Always w/the sassy in his mouth. A mute button. Bwahhahaha! Saw that on a LO once and have been meaning to steal that idea. So inadvertently I used a lot of different mfgs. Cosmo Cricket, Sassafrass Lass, Jillybean Soup flowers, MM brads, QK blossom & dragonfly and Heidi Swapp ghost letters. There must be some type of challenge for that somewhere!!!

OH OH!! Lost another 2.2 lbs for a GRAND TOTAL of 28. Only a few more to go. LOVE THAT. I'm gonna need new clothes. In a smaller size. Isn't that awful. LMAO.....


  1. Super LO - and congrats on the WL :)

  2. This is sssssooooooo adorable. Love that photo. And you ROCK that scale girl, WOOP WOOP!!!

  3. Love the layout and congrats on the weight loss! =) What are you doing for that? Diet and excercise?

  4. Love the layout! Great colors and mix of products! Huge congrats on your weight loss!


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