Friday, May 29, 2009

Flashback Friday - HOME.

The challenge was "our house was a very very fine house". I LOVED our country house, and of course I came up w/such a clever title. HOME. Sigh. Got a little carried away s/stamping of the swirls - lol!! AND my first top 10 list. Scary. Love Cosmo Cricket and Prima - can't ever go wrong w/those. This is a recent photo though taken at the total embarassment of Shane because we actually had to talk to the owner who was in the driveway. bwahahaha! Got his permission to take a couple of shots. Of course its all changed - each owner putting their own stamp on it. I have fond memories because this was one of the FEW times I actually was excited to MOVE and this was a BIG move - from the city to the country. I think all of us were so wanting a change.

journaling: 1. Mom and dad built it from the foundation and well. 2. On an acre of land purchased from my Aunt Toot and Uncle Norm who lived across the field. 3. Their phone number was long distance. 4. Their kids were a couple years older and had a tree house, go-cart & track and a cement POND - not a pool. 5. While building the house, Billy and I helped dad install the electric and painted the metal punch outs on rainy days. 6. Played "combat" on the pile of dirt out back during the build-because getting "shot" was all about rolling down the hill in the dirt. 7. Exploring the woods without getting lost. 8. Riding our bikes everywhere for miles. 9. Walking up hill and down in the snow to catch the school bus. 10. I had a lavender color bedroom and a princess phone. On a party line. Built @ 1965.


  1. Lynn, you forgot to mention where you got your princess phone.

  2. i did. must be cuz al commenting. lol!!! him and angie bought the phone for me from all the babysitting i did for them.

  3. Great layout! Great story to tell!

  4. I love the title, I have those letters too! I hope someday to have a house of our own, still hoping. Happy Friday to you!

  5. Great layout - those papers are perfect for your photo! Love all the little details in the journaling.



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