Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Celebrating 18.......

with my baby boy. Sheesh. They go from zero to 18 in a heartbeat. There were speedbumps along the way, but still he's my favorite youngest son. We took this photo as we started our day. It was the old smoosh up close, hold the camera up and hope your actually in the viewfinder and click. Hopefully w/o a goofy look. My one eye looks like its on drugs but for a first and ONLY take it was really good. And I noticed, Shane and I have on this day the same color eyes. (Mine change colors on a daily basis thus promotng the whole goofy eye thing). Very cool OMEN. Same color eyes. He even sort of looks like me although he really does favor his old man - which makes me want to slap that right out of him. Now before I get all mushy and stuff, and bring tears to my pal Brookie.....

Although my boy turned 18 he still has a to do list. He needs to get his GED because well high school didn't go all that well. (AND A JOB-NOT NECESSARILY IN THAT ORDER). So with that in mind, his present was a laptop that will give him the opportunity IF HE CHOOSES TO TAKE IT to get his GED on line. And he's at his dad's which is a good thing, because he's easily distracted. He was very pleased with his laptop so he thought that ducking the camera seemed like a fun thing to do because well. He's a goof. Sweet, lovable, smart - but a goof all the same. So the fine dining establishment of choice for his birthday lunch was Applebees. He orders a hot dog. From the children's menu. NEED I SAY MORE......He said he felt like a hot dog. Snort.


  1. Too late, you got mushy and I got teary, LOL. Sounds like a GREAT day and I think the laptop was a very cool idea of a gift. Ccan'y believe he's 18, sheesh. Happy dys ; )

  2. What a great gift. I do hope things work out for him..that he gets his GED and a job he enjoys. Had to laugh at the hot dog!

  3. Super gift! Happy Birthday to your son; hope he is able to get his GED quickly and find a job to his liking. :) My *baby* is only 12, but I can SO see us like this in 6 more years. Good luck to him!


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