Monday, October 27, 2008

Sort of like u......

bwahahaha.....Well they do sort of look similar. Take the Collins nose- its totally cute, so I'm glad he got that one. The eyes.......hopefully he'll get Nick's color - green/hazel - which would totally be like grammy's (no offense mom) lol! and the chubby cheeks. Other than that, not the hair, not the lips and not the size-so far. I know I know all that can change and will but for right now - it makes a cool page. Hmm....maybe I should aggravate Nick's dad for his baby picture and we'll see how that works:)

More pp from the BGkits. YUM. New 7 gypsies tag/thing I picked up at Whim SoDoodle, Tim Holtz grungeboard, MM paints and my favorite EK alphas and Plain Jane swirls.


  1. Awwwwwwww~love it!! ANd it's ok to be partial~it's allowed in Grammy law, LOL!!

  2. awwwww--look at the baby! so precious!!! And I agree with Brooke - ;) way to be rocking the scrappy world! lovin' it!

  3. hey I love how you worked the kit Lynn!


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