Friday, October 17, 2008

Change needs to be in the air........

BUT some teenagers just don't get it. Mine would be one of them. (I know you're surprised)snort. So instead of beating my head against the wall, kicking the dogs or smacking the kidlet (although smacking may at times be in order)snort. I found my mojo and got scrappy. Bwahahahaha! A mom's revenge (and I have some good blackmail pix)smirk. So it relieves the angst somewhat because seriously there's nothing worse than talking to the wall. So I can bare my soul w/o alot of sloppy huggy feelie stuff and get the point across. Life is messy, out of control but always an adventure.
oooooooo and the cool yellow heart was made out of see through tape from fancy that and mm puffy letters-which came from my totally awesome october badgirlkit CHECK IT OUT! yum! basic grey - can't ever go wrong there, ek, heidi.


  1. ohhhs and ahhhs...this rocks! Way to get it out, chickie ;)..LOVE it!!!

  2. great layout , and i understand the mushy gush stuff..... got to check out your kit ... looks like a fun one!

  3. Awesome page Lynn ... and the sentiments you've expressed are perfect. Kids ... sometimes they can be quite frustrating, and it's so hard to be a mom at times ... but keep up the good work, keep on pushing the love even if it's tough. You'll break through the wall eventually. Hugs ....

  4. I agree with Brooke - oohs and ahhs! I like the idea of blackmail pics too? wink ;)


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