Saturday, October 18, 2008

And I decided I'm going to be called.......

"drum roll please" GRAMMY! That's what I called my grandmother and she was a very cool lady. She could run circles around me. She was what a dub a "pioneer woman". She was always moving and doing-so unlike me who is content to oh SIT around. lol! She always knew what was "all the go" in the latest fashions, always served others, and always loved me unconditionally. Can't go wrong there except those are big shoes to fill.

I can't wait to see both g'babies in November. Dueling g'babies w/be so much fun.

Little Owen is a joy to behold. All layouts were done w/the October bad girl kit, and I have plenty more to use. It has been totally inspiring!


  1. congrats on your new title, the layouts are adorable and i am drooling over that kit, lucky gal!

  2. wow - great layouts! and I can just picture the g'babies now in their shields and swords dueling over Grammy's attention! LOL - not that they have to worry since I am sure you will have both in your arms at the same time but just imagine the picture and sb page you could do with it! LOL


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