Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Final Test -

administered by the infamous and talented Wendy Rago from BadGirlKits owner extraordinaire! And the test is to alter something. So I did. A paper plate. Now for those of you who know me - this isn't the first. I altered my first paper plate in kindergarten and then again a couple of years ago. Picked up by Making Memories on their website. bwahahahaha! So since it worked once, I decided it would work again. Using a "fall" theme since that's what they had at Sam's Club, and worked Owen in quite nicely because, alas, babies are hard to pass by. And he's a cutie. It all came together. So just because I was expelled does not mean I couldn't continue to play. Which I did. It was out of the box, it was a challenged, and last but not least - just plain fun! I so can't wait to see who wins Top Designer. And they will so DESERVE that title because the talent on this board just plainly rocks and socks it to the scrapbook world! Honestly, it looks better IRL. Not quite so busy. I'm pleased and maybe the kids w/get this. But OH maybe not because I'M DA GRAMMY! bwahahhaha! And he's mine. :)


  1. you know i am a huge fan of your altered plates! hope you make it over to fb soon! i miss ya!

  2. ok..first...I NEVER would have thought of altering a plate! how stinkin' creative is that? And are the queen of altered plates! I am sooooooo in love with this!


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