Thursday, September 18, 2008

Top Designer - Class #2 - Patterned Paper!

Superbly illustrated, demonstrated and taught by Miss Emilie Ahern! I love patterned paper and loved the assignment. Of course you can't go wrong w/a gorgeous grandbaby happening either. That is precious Connor all snuggled up tight after hitting the world. You really really REALLY need to check out Bad Girls! Funny, sweet TALENTED ladies, awesome kits, and fun challenges!!!

I'm so jonsin for the next class!


  1. awwww...look at how precious little Conman is!!! AND how freakin' fabulous is this layout?!!! You totally put the smack down on that class and rocked the mix of papers. Love it!

    Next we'll expect to see one of the ever so precious Owen Christopher!

  2. They are both beautiful!

  3. Grama must be PROUD !

  4. loved your layout. And that baby is adorable!! I have a great neice due in oct.-- I can't wait! :D

  5. what a cuuuuuuuute design!! :)


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