Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My brag book!!!!

bwahahahaha! and won't everyone be fighting over this one. (I can only hope-LOL!) I had the best time w/Cosmo Cricket - Jack's World. It was fun, funky and just perfect. I had a blast w/the stickers, and I usually don't do stickers but you just couldn't help it. I also made this book to put both babies in. SNORT. So now Owen w/be getting his own acrylic book. Yes those are eyelets in there. Amazingly easy enough with the crop a dile tool. Also have to admit I "lifted" that idea from my pal Brooke. She also gave the material that is used as ribbon and man it is just perfect for the line. AND this is the front and back which I'm sure you figured out. However, I put everything on the inside so I can pop it off w/o everything coming off from too much handling. Also the Bee Happy, Bee Silly & Bee Mine are takeoffs from the closing of letters when my Gram wrote to me after we moved to Florida. She always closed w/Be Good Be Sweet Be Mine-so I'm glad I can twist it a bit to make it mine. Also became known as the 3B's. LOL! Okay-Off to make Owen's book!!!


  1. how sweet ! and love that you were able to include some memories of your grandmother! :D

  2. Ahhh Lynn ... how sweet to see your work here again ... love this little book. You're so talented and of course people will be fighting to see your little brag books ... you've got so much to brag about now. Those babies are the cutest!!!

  3. Hi Lynn, and thank you for your nice comment, as always.. ;-)
    I just wanted to drop by to say hello and wish you a wonderful day. It's a wonderful blog you've got here with some really great works, - keep it up! ;-)


  4. dude!!! i am drooling over that album!!! holy smoley. it will definitely get filled with all the cutie pics of your new babies ;D


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