Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Class 3 - Less is More

bySri Sams. Here goes blogger. Again. Tilt your head bwahahahaha and enjoy Lynn doing less than more. That is soooooooooooo tough for me but there ya go and I'm really pleased w/the results because if I must say so - the photos rock. And now they get to shine.
The classes have been fun over at Bad Girls and also check out Class 3 gallery of you're jonsing for some awesome inspiration!


  1. I LOVE this page!!! It is PERFECT!!! Every little bit and piece of it!!

  2. fabulous ! you are rocking these classes girly! way to go!

  3. dude!!! this page ROCKS!! i love those photos too and have some similar! by jove your layout just hit some inspo for me like a ton of bricks! love the less is more! way to rock rock ROCK it!


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