Monday, September 8, 2008

Flew home between storm actions.....

and it's so good to be home - but so hard to leave the g-baby. Tell me he's not the cutest baby-EVER!!! lol!!!! He does look like my handsome son. Since the ConMAN (smirk gotta have a nick name right?) liked being swaddled the only available kissin spot was his adorable nose. So I kissed it. ALOT.
Baby #2's mama is scheduled to go in late tonight to be induced. ACK!!! So hopefully, I'll have more photos to post. (I can feel your excitment - kinda like home movies bwahahaha)! It's just a bummer we can't be there to hold baby Duffy and smooch noses as well. It has just been so darn exciting around here. I'll have LOTS of STUFF for PAGES NOW. bwahahahaha!


  1. so sweet love baby noses, ears, toes, cheeks , bellies.... and baby #2 soon!

  2. oh, I love babies...he's so cute Grandma! ;) - like the nickname Conman - although let's hope he doesn't grow up to be one! lol - can't wait for baby #2!! how exciting!!!


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