Thursday, May 1, 2008

What lurks under a desk......

see that -->?
it became one of my favorite inks thanks to my pal Brooke, yes, even more favorite than my distressing inks *gasp* well sortof, Ranger does rock. Ahem..anyway I was using said ink when the cover just flung itself OFF MY DESK and disappeared into the sock dimension. Seriously. I hunted everywhere for that lid - not to be found. Then I went on a mission to find and purchase said ink. To no avail. Well imagine my surprise when my acryllic block that was momentarily misplaced, leaped off my desk, bounced a few times. AND, you guessed it, FOUND THE EVIL, ROTTEN, LOW DOWN, DIRTY DUST BUNNY THAT HAD MY LID IN ITS EVIL CLUTCHES and was in the process of acquiring my acryllic block to use for it's dastardly plot. to make me crazy. snor. as if. Imagine my surprise (said sarcastically). I do clean under the desk but evidently not enough.snort. It's poor Roxie's been contributing to these evil dust bunnies on a regular basis., and it really really surprises me that she has hair left on her body. SO with my HUGE flashlight in tow I fearlessly snatched my lid and block from the jaws of the evil dust bunnies. And the happy ending??? you so know there's one. The baggie I was keeping the ink alive in, well kept it safe and moist. bwahahahahahaa. Then I found my broom and dustpan, dispatching those evil dust bunnies with glee.


  1. Wooo Whoooo Lynn, I knew that lid would make an appearance again ... we'll call it the "second coming of the lid" ... and we'll shout words of praise. LOL ... I'm afraid to look way under my desk ... lord knows what could be hiding there.

    Now ... get to work with that ink and show off some brand spanking new pages that will most surely be fantastic.

  2. I TOLD you it was behind that dust bunny!!!!!!!! Just cause I'm way younger, aahhaaahhhhaaahhaa, doesn't mean I don't know what I'm talking about. It is scary though that we have come to know each other this well!?!?!? Maybe you'll start listening to your wise friend-doubtful. Glad the dust bunny gave it up before the ink withered.


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