Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Kicking OUNCE!!!

get it??? bwahahaha! I have been participating in a lifestyle change as you may know and I am having success. However, in reaching my 14.8 lbs LOST, I am so not getting there by leaps and bounds, but by ounces. Is it frustrating??? Only if I let it be and a minus is a minus! And honestly, its really not. I'm doing Weight Watchers if you haven't guessed and I really really love the plan. Because seriously??? I don't feel like I'm on a diet. If I want something I eat it and mark down the points. Of course it results in only OUNCES lost, but that's ok. Because I don't feel like I'm on a DIET. I feel great, I have energy and making better choices. And there's a problem with that???? ummm...NO! I also exercise ON PURPOSE, riding my bike everywhere I can - for example, yesterday I rode to Walmarts - at least 3 miles and maybe closer to 4 ONE WAY. woo hooo. Coming home was tricky as I had 20 lbs on my back and a head wind. snort (and a side note???? back packs do NOT carry as much as the Publix shopping bag). But me and my Jersey boys(and i LOVE a Jerseyboy) rode tough and sang LOUD ( I have to remember NOT to burst into song while having an IPOD in my ear) because well people really don't appreciate it. lol! But its tough, riding.....singing.....riding.....bwahahaha! I'm soon gonna be known as the singing bike lady. smirk. THE skinny singing bike lady!!! Love that!


  1. You are looking good!!!! Just look at where all those ounces have got ya so far~almost 15 pounds!!!!!! OK, no IPODs will be allowed on the walking trail snort!!! Although, the singing may scare away any wild animals!!!!!! Keep up the good work! Smooches!

  2. haha. good luck on your journey to being the singing skinny bike lady! BTW love the way you take photographs. Who would think that a versamark ink would be a good subject? I should be taking more photos too.

  3. keep up the good work i am sure you are looking like a hottie !


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