Wednesday, May 14, 2008


has become my new mantra especially when I'm behind the camera lookin, hopin and prayin for that perfect shot. snort. It's not only a mantra its a snarl, a cuss word, its about NOT always looking/waiting for that perfect shot.snort. Actually I go for that perfect shot NOW by taking a bazillion pictures because the odds are really really really great not bad on getting that one really awesome one. And being an amateur er..ahem... fly by the seat of my pants photographer. [Oh I have all the cool tools because my wonderful DH keeps me up-to-date, its just that well why THINK when AUTO OTTO (might as well name it) smirk. can do all the work. bwahahaha! So OTTO and I do just fine when you have a bazillion byte chip to work with.] Anyway I was getting kinda REALLY aggravated at the monkey cage because they are behind glass and EVERYONE is in the way. Makes it tough not to get a photo of YOU taking a photo of THEM. LOL!!!! And then EVERYONE who gets in your way (did i mention that???)....So with my mantra TAKETHESHOT.. TAKETHESHOT... TAKETHESHOT... running through my head, I bent down and started snapping away. And what happens - EVOLUTION! Oh yea the mom of this pretty little girl will wanna hear that one. bwahahaha! Anyhoo, I honestly couldn't have planned this shot, really. I'm so not that good or patient. I love that the artist slant. I could even say I planned this artistic slant. But I'd be lying. This is what happens you just taketheshot and you get really really lucky. REALLY.


  1. Wow! Great post, chickie! Great mantra, too! This is a fantastic pic!! Love it and love you, too. Mean it!!! You always make me smile!!!

  2. Holy Moses ... Lynn that is truly an amazing shot, so happy you just "took the shot" ... wow, love it.

  3. wow, that is a great shot! i love that should submit it national shots of evolution! ha ha ha ha! seriously though it's a freakin' AWESOME shot! wowzers! renee lamb

  4. very interesting photo - really deep if you think about childrens behavior or evolution ! very artsy shot ! tfs



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