Saturday, April 26, 2008


This lo evolved via the journaling which seriously came out of the blue. I was reading the book "keeping a journal you love" by Sheila Bender and evidently something must of sunk in. *who knew* Because while walking the dogs which is a serious no brainer let the subconcious rule type of thing, the journaling poppped into my mind. The poor mutts were dragged home, literally, so I wouldn't forget because in the 5-10 minutes it would've taken them to sniff and do their ting, the words would have been gone from the ole brain. sigh. hate.that.seriously. So I'll be sticking my nose back in this book because I LOVE how this turned out. Again, a hybrid which actually matches one I did called At Another X-roads - where the journaling just blew me away. It seems like anther lifetime and indeed it was - look at how young the kidlets were.

Okaaaayyy enough with the serious stuff. ON a kind of lighter note in trying to deal with the seriously cute and adorable teenager in my life, who can be the world's biggest PIA, I know I'm not alone!! bwahahaha and you friends that have them coming up to this age. Well good luck. smirk.

Because well
boys will be boys.
but mom i'm SIXTEEN (or whatever age they are at the time.
and the ever popular Teenagers KNOW EVERYTHING!
But Shane, bless his heart *smirk* , has been rolling from one thing to another is seriously cruising. Seriously.


  1. love both of these! PIA or not, he's all yours!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lynn, I am serious about forming a mother of trouble teens group! LOL Hang in there! They keep telling me it gets better! ha

  3. Fantastic pages, Lynn! And cool music you've got here on your blog!

  4. ohhhh. I love your hybrid page! That is so cool and unique!


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