Sunday, March 23, 2008

the LORD has risen!

he has RISEN indeed!!! shane and i had a great ride to church. he's all about the fun, the joy and the tricks *insert eyeroll*. he stays w/me or mostly behind, although he says i ride like a drunken sailor. snort. all over the sidewalk mom! lol. he gets in front if he wants to do a trick which is a good thing, because i can make a fancy evasive manuever *snort* if i have to. and usually i do, so i'm getting pretty good at them. *smirk* It was a bit overcast, but not hot. it was humid so my hair was doing wild things. but it was all okay. beautiful service, lots of great music. i'm sure the person in front wished i didn't know every word to every song. bwahahaha. make a joyful NOISE. and i do it so well. heading over to some friends for some easter frivolity and hope to have some pix later. if i remember to take my camera AND the card. they sort of go hand in hand. Hope everyone has a blessed and joyous easter!

1 comment:

  1. Happy Easter!! Glad you had a good day! Talk to you later!! I wanna see some of those tricks next time I'm at your house!


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