Sunday, November 18, 2007

Three (count'm) THREE mini-albums-ONE weekend!

After reading Ali's new book it occurred to me (doh) that mini-albums were a cool way to go. So having purchased a bunch of CD jackets that had no where to go but altered, started the whole scrappin soiree. I know I know it looks kinda plain for me, and it is, but isn't, because all three are almost the same, yet different, bwahahaha. BUT all lines I used were able to stand on their own and shine. Well some inking was required. This is Sassafrass lass and the colors are beautiful for a fall wedding. Love all the pockets and tuck aways, because there are some photos tucked away, because well, *I* (I know this'll be hard to believe) got carried away printing. So many cool photos to choose from. So as I find memorabilia from these weddings (because I'm soooo organized I have no clue where I put them *insert eyeroll*), I can tuck those in there as well. For those of you that know me, will see that these are collage-less, flower-less and embelishment-less - all a major first for ME. Kinda cool for these few instances, and the photos are allowed to rock.

The next line was Fancy Pants. YUM!!! It was also perfect for a November wedding. Note the similarities in design because well all the jackets were the same. SNORT. Trick question. But it kept things simple and using the same lines (well I wasn't THAT adventerous - LESS stuff was adventerous enough) LOL. I whacked everything to the measurements and stuck the paper down. Easy.

The Sharon Ann collection, another yummy line is perfect for a spring wedding. This way the kidlets can't whine that one is pretty than the other. Well there are, BUT. You ask where you can find these awesome lines - My Scrapbook Shoppe for all you locals. The rest of you are on your own. I think all the lines are there except umm Sassafrass lass. That one went FAST. Ahem.



  2. I am totally in love with these , they are beautiful.


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