Thursday, November 15, 2007

How stinkin cute is this???

Creative Cafe - is so gonna rock. You need to gather all your basic kits, wait breathlessly by your emails or better yet haunt My Scrapbook Shoppe to SEE WHEN you can make this awesome mini album. Yours won't look like this one because while Brooke was designing YOURS, I was customizing MINE. (um....don't tell the boss). SNORT. It rocks in LUCKY - AND I purchased the fixins to make another one in SPIRIT. I now have to figure out what the theme of this one will be. The first one was customized to take on the road with me when Tom and I were going to Bimini for the holiday. However, being a scrapper that can spin on a dime (SNORT), this book will go to NJ with me when we hang with the family. I've already made notes IN IT (how cool is that) on stops I want to make to further pursue my geneology stuff. Oh and wallet size photos 2.5 x 3.5 are totally the perfect size for this mini. ooooooo and there's a another one in the making that seriously competes with the same coolness factor as this one. Bwahahahaha!

A few of us had fun last night and closed the sidewalks down for sure when we rocked the Bo Bunny tags, cards and Christmas bags kit. We were challenged BRIEFLY, your fearless leader included on um 1/8" on a ruler, measuring in general, getting the correct paper, because of course they NAMED them very similar. While all the measuring was going on, we were challenged with Terri OD'ing on sugar cookies, because she was well - hungry. And being the slave master that I am, I kept everyone on task - low blood sugar on not. bwahahahaha! We had minimal issues with paper trimmers, punches, and even got the REV involved. NO class is complete w/o the REV. Oh and then you had to get the paper going in the correct direction *insert eyeroll*. BUT despite ALL these challenges - fun was NOT only had, but every item was completed and we all went home happy and exhausted. AND hungry. and our kids went hungry. Poor babies. SNORT!

This is the prima watercolor paper of which was really really FUN to do. I totally love the way it turned out, especially with one of my all time favorite photos, taken by my friend Emily. I also want to add in a most humble and modest (snort) way that PRIMA MARKETING ADDED THIS TO THEIR GALLERIES!! WOO HOOO!!! (jumpin up and down in excitement). and UM we have MORE watercolor paper available at the shop to have fun with. umm.... just not this particular one. BUT Brooke has a rockin example in the shoppe for you to see, and wish HER LUCK, because her's was also POSTED on PRIMA AND its in the WATERCOLOR CONTEST they are having. (jumpin up and down again). This just rocks all over.


  1. Oh my! I love that mini book! How I wish the store could be here in Hawaii! :D I love love love that layout, too, Lynn! Awesome stuff! :D

  2. That mini book is awesome; I can't wait to see how it is done. And that layout is stunning! The photo is perfect but what you did with the paper is fantastic!

  3. YOU ARE GONNA HAVE THE CREATIVE CAFE? DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I AM JUST STARING MEAN AT YOU RIGHT NOW??? am I GONNA HAVE TO SLIP YOU CASH FOR ALL THOS COOL INDIVIDUAL ROCKIN THINGS I HAVE TO HAVE.. sigh.. I WILL WONT I hehehehe I LOVE THIS MINI BOOK I can see now I will need the kit! OF COURSE I will let you pick it out for me cuz YOU KNOW me so well ::snort:: Bella thanks you. Pray for me today Im going to the dentist (send drugs)


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