Friday, November 2, 2007

SHHHH! Don't tell the boss........

Don't get me wrong. *I* volunteered. Silly me. I spent the last day and 1/2 cutting, measuring and pasting and generally screwing up a perfectly good kit. Now I can cut and paste w/the best of them, BUT, measuring???? Using a stick w/numbers, arrghhh!!!!!!

You have to work the paper JUST SO. Because you use every scrap. Seriously. You have to MEASURE everything CORRECTLY, because you don't get a do over. UNLESS you have the exact paper at the shop.

It started out innocently enough. After I read the measurements FOR THE FIRST PROJECT. A.CARD. Several times, just to make sure. I cut it, and all matching items. Then came the tricky part. I needed a heart in the same color. So I dutifully cut my heart out, having ALL the pieces ready to adhere (big word for paste) to the card. So putting everything together and getting ready for the big finale, adhering it THE CARD. Well guess just take a wild ass guess where the heart was cut from???? There were a few more scraps along the way but don't need to give the boss a total heart attack.

NOW for the best part. I have to impart this knowledge flawlessly to a class of earnest scrapbookers. *SNORT*


  1. that is sooooooooooo cool but id flunk horribly cuz I cant measure for ughmm.. crud. you did a fantabulous job IM SO PROUD OF YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  2. Now THIS is abso.friggin.lutely PRICELESS!!!! Especially when you teach the masses to scrap just like you!

  3. I love those! So so so cute! :D


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