Sunday, November 4, 2007


FINALLY!!! The surprise birthday bash for our friend Bill. IT was really tough keeping it a secret and everyone was afraid they'd blow it. But nope. HE was surprised.
Robin's rendtion of happy birthday was awesome. She just reeked Marilyn Monroe. All of Bill's lovely young grands shared a dance. I think I got them all.

The cake was made by his daughter and omg. it was adorable. WAY too cute to cut. So its at our house where the party is carrying over today. Speaking of which i need to clean.
The gang who made it all possible!!! They rocked the food, the centerpieces, all the decorations and the fun DJ. Everything was perfect. They are sooooo talented.

So these are a tad out of order. Here's the SURPRISE part.
Meeting old friends.
Seeing friends with HAIR.
Dancing the night away with your favorite partner. Love love love the music from. Ain't coordinated for the dances except the twist, the stroll and everyone's favorite YMCA! lol! Which we did them all.

and the hottest couple of the night with their bubblicious gum-grape. bwahahahahaha! I can say that because well, this is my blog. Get your own!

Happy Birthday Bill! It was a fun, great time!


  1. OHHHHHHHHHH looks like you all had a blast!!!! LOVE the cake that is just darling! I can see some awesome pages comeing from this! OMGOSH the party is still happnin today. THATS my kind of party hahahahaha

  2. What a COOL party, Lynn! Looks like you all had a blast!


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