Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Why did I think that when some stories

ended. It was over? I love to scrapbook and heritage pictures are so my forte. It started when I came across photos I didn't know I had in the attic in a box of all places. There were photos of my great grandparents in their youth and my grandfather as a toddler. So I traced, I tracked and finally subscribed to (which totally rocks BTW) and researched. I also took trips back to my home town and hounded my two aunts (one on each side of the family), and returned with MORE photos, MORE information and MORE stories. And when Family Roots was "completed" I was kind of let down. It was fun, FASCINATING (to me anyway) and and totally phenominal to look back in time and see real people. People that lived, loved and reivented themselves to keep up times that changed faster than they could only imagine. It took a couple of years to gather all the information and begin to tell their stories. I really wanted to do more and silly me thought the stories ended.

AND then the family reunion was became an idea and came into fruition by some wonderful cousins who provided their time and home to host this event. It was incredibly fun and absolutely wonderful to reconnect w/all the family that I hadn't seen in WAY TOO MANY YEARS. But time and life sometimes get in the way, which makes reunions all that more important. There were cousins I had no idea existed. There were 2 more generations established, because when I remembered them, they are still 2 years old. LOL!!! How can they be old enough to have families and in some cases, grandchildren of their own. So there are more stories to tell because our ancestors live on in us. So now creatively, I'm thinking that some of these stories will overlap, so maybe it won't be chronological, and yes, my orderly self is cringing, but the scrapbooker in me arises, because its all comes down to family and its all about their stories and their lives. Family - the next generations!

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