Saturday, September 8, 2007

What does a husband do

when your engine light comes on??? If he's my husband buys you a new car! The same thing happened when i needed new tires, had a dirty ashtray and the oil needed to be changed. Hmm.....I'm sensing a pattern here. NOT that I mind. I just keep reminding him that I don't want to be thrust back into the work force. Except the for the fun job I have. It supports my habit. My scrapbooking habit. Takes lots of cool tools to make awesome layouts.

So how about that red??? FLASHY! I heard cops like red. I think this was designed to keep me from speeding along. Sigh. I Love flashy! I wonder what happens when I get tickets?? LOL!


  1. That is one hot car! What an awesome DH you have! I know you'll enjoy it!

  2. my check engine light is on - do you think your hubby can buy me a car too ?:D


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