Sunday, September 23, 2007

Grand Adventures to Come!

A visit to the east coast by dh and I, found this great park. Which is by this inlet that we'll have to take the boat out in when we want to hit the open seas. Its set up like a tub and the tide rushes in and out, so its moving very very fast. Once you hit the bridge you are commited, there is no turning around. Definately something new.
We were on a quest to find a new marina, which we did find. 3/4 a mile from the inlet, at a great price for that side of the sate and the bonus-50 miles from the Bahamas. A place to go and relax. We pretty much explored everything in our area, so this'll give a new bunch of places to explore. Although Bimini is our favorite Bahama island, we'll be able to explore more of those as well. Being w/Tom is the greatest. We are on the greatest adventure always!

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