Friday, September 21, 2007

Is the sign of a clean desk the sign of a sick mind?

That question has been asked by cubicle dwellers everywhere, and although I don't dwell in a cube anymore I still have my own space. Which begs the question, will my creativity be enhanced now that I have room to be creative???? presumes I was creative to begin with. yunk yunk yunk.

I couldn't find the before photos but I think the lo w/give you an idea of exactly HOW MESSY my space was. Which is in the living room btw. After lusting after rooms in a new book that came out, and I can't remember name of said book, but suffice it to say that 4 top designers had some awesomely tricked out spaces/rooms. I figured since I *had* the living room, my space can be just as tricky. Bwahahahaha!! So last night I spent alot of hours, 7:30 p.m. to 2 a.m. (after a tough day at the *My Scrapbook Shoppe) slaving over hot scrapbooking supplies-a total dream job) purging and arranging, and I realize I still have more to do, but alas, *I* needed more time and some more storage stuff. And I still have one or two more bookcase to weed out.

Now do I sell said purged stuff or do I just give it away. And let me tell you and DO NOT tell DH that there's a lot of money is said purged stuff. Sigh.

So here is the beginning of *my* tricked out space. I t hink this is also the fault of a cold I'm fighting off, so I think it is a sign of a sick mind. Now if only I can remember where I put stuff that was directly in front of me because I HAD to have it immediately, although honestly some of it I haven't touched in awhile except to move it out of my way. But now *I* have to remember where I put it and in some cases when I put things in a really good spot, I never find them again. Speaking of which I lost and 2 entire packages of ejection from from my 4x4 QK dies. *Gasp*Faint*Thud* and after all the purging they are still MIA. Which leaves me to believe they are in the "sock dimension." On the plus side I did find some M&M's that escaped the bag I hide in my drawer and to my delight they weren't stale. BWAHAHAA! Can't scrap w/o M&M's w/peanuts. Stay tuned for more tricked out space.


  1. Looking good Miss Thang!!

  2. I wanna seee the completed task :):):) show me yo triks hehe


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