Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Whooooo knew - hand drawn & hand stitched

I have been following Lisa Fonseca for awhile on utube
and she's an amazing scrapper.
She draws, cuts out, and stitches the most amazing critters
and things for her pages.
Very unique.
So I embraced my inner Lisa and made this owl.
I have been drawing this owl since high school and I wish
that it was an original idea of mine, but alas,
it was a classmate that sat next to me would draw all
this fun figures.
And this one, and 2 others, are ones that I can do.
I just wish I remembered her name.
In my defense it was a really long time ago.
So I traced it out and began piecing it together 
and because she also stitches
 I decided to do the same.
I need to do better on the hole spacing thing but
overall it turned out not too bad and really kind of makes it.
And there's the back - love the washi LOL
but I'd have never done that on my counted cross stitch.

 So in keeping with the fun - I used some really old 
grungeboard Tim Holtz alphas and made them two-toned.
 And in the spirit of doctor Suess I couldn't resist the whooooo.
 A great photo of Sam and Lou was perfect
for the owl and vice versa.
Studio Calico.

I love how it turned out. 
I can't say that I'll do this a lot  because it is very work
intensive, but it was fun.


  1. I absolutely love this! And watching lisa makes me swoonn may need to try the whole sewing thing

  2. I have got to try that~so cute !!!!!


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