Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Frames and Mixed Media

So I had all of these frames laying about 
and they were all different sizes and colors.
 Therefore, I glued them all down on 8.5x11 cardstock
and gessoed them.
All over.
 And then using the packaging technique
I used some Heidi Swapp mists all over the page.
And then I had to hunt around for some photos and embellies.
While doing that,  I found that I wasn't crazy about the
design/layout but I persevered.

I fussy cut the love out - You've seen it before I know
and I'll probably use it again.
I put together that transparent heart, owl and flower as a premade
and was bound and determined to use it.
 Went back to the wayback box and found these photos
of me, Nick and Shane all about the same age.
I think.
Not quite what I envisioned but it was an experiment
and even though I'm not crazy about it sometimes you
gotta keep going because the end result may surprise......sort of LOL.
I'm surprised I'm not crazy about it- but
no guts no glory.

Studion Calico - more or less.

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