Monday, April 9, 2018

Predominately Kraft & Fav Youngest Son

One of my favorite photos of Shane worked perfect 
for this page.
I designed it the page at first without a photo in mind loving all the kraft and
I love how the orange paper works with it.
 When me and my pal Holli hung out she had this hummingbird stamp
and she let me stamp a bunch and this page was 
basically designed with the birds in mind.
 Love how they look scattered over the page.
 No judging on the shape of the photo.
My mom - she was a great lover of shapes but when
I plunked it down I couldn't help but notice
it fit absolutely perfect.
Shane was just 3 months old and we were strolling 
through Walmarts when we came upon a photographer
with a really good deal. $9.99 for a package.
(you can snort and laugh here because whoever just paid 
the going package rate ever).
Anyway, his shirt was removed for his fake bath and he
was laughing so hard and so loud it echoed 
throughout WM and everyone stopped to laugh
with him and many came to see what was so funny and laughed with him.
He just lit up the entire store.
Oh and when I went to put his shirt back on - it was too small 😐.

Studio Calico.


  1. Such a sweet picture! And I'm sure grown up Shane will love this! 😀

  2. Great picture! Love the wm dealsgot many photos done there of my kiddos

  3. I love Kraft anything ~ very nice!!!!


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