Monday, July 19, 2010

Got to hang with the grandbabies....

which was a total bonus and surprise. I love surprises. The kidlets blowing of steam hanging in the pool. And could Connor look so much like Nick when he was that age. I feel a comparison LO coming on!The boy with the green goggles.
The binky that could use a snorkle with it (stolen from a pal's comment) LOL!
Meltdown. Welcome to the twos!
Sweet peaches and cream complexion. He let me hold him and smooch him. Doesn't get better than that.
Unless I get to see them again before they go home. That would be wonderful!


  1. what adorable photos... handsome little men! grab your smooches and enjoy your visit!

  2. wow Lynn! those are great pictures! so crisp and clear and great coloring! What lens are you using?


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