Wednesday, May 12, 2010 gift....

Okay...let me just say Sassafrass Lass all the lines (which I seemed to use both interchangeably because A. I lost my mind and B. I couldn't find the stuff I knew I had) Sigh. Which was very cool. Decorated the lunch tin w/the anime birds from QK. Does it looks like it belongs together??? Does it really matter.The little book was just so fun. I whacked down to 6x6 and then staggered the pages - MYSELF. (patting self on back for being so creative. snort).
Primas, and die cuts and stamps. OHMY!
Punches, can't forget them either.
Its a little boy. Did I get the name? uummmm.....nope.
Did I find out if there are any siblings. Sigh. My bad.
Just add pix and adhesives........And just add some goodies IN the TIN. and wa-la....


  1. Great album, love all the bright colors, great job!!~

  2. OMG that is so cute!! You really did a great job! :-)

  3. What a fantastic, adorable project, Lynn! Just love all the fun stuff you used. You rocked the Sass!

  4. ok seriously! this is like the best album ever!! I love it and you totally kicked some Sass Ass!!


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