Monday, May 3, 2010


OK first off, I really really really didn't plan on doing this size. Really. Snort. In looking at this OLD set of pix. Shane had red, white & blue on and going through my stash (really way-back) Reminisce just fit the bill and to not get REAL busy looking really. SNORT. The only none qualifying busy piece was the polka dots that was of course whacked down from some past project. SO....imagine my dilemma. As if you can really have a s/b'g dilemma. LOL!!! Anyway its all Reminisce except for the *gasp* thickers. I KNOW. I have a ton and hardly EVER use them. So this is like history here. BWAHAHAHA!!!

Anyway the back story and part of the journaling is that Shane was laughing and giggling so loud and so hard that he drew EVERYONE in the Walmart store over to the photo studio where we got caught up in an impromptu photo session. Of course he was so infectious that everyone was laughing w/him. And of course he was so darn cute. He did grow out of his shirt between sessions because one is of him in a tub bathing (which I need to go back to the way-back box for). OMG! He was chubby. And he laughed through that and squealed when his Bubby was in the pix w/him (another find somewhere). Bottom line, the $5.95 session cost me over $100. I was always a sucker for them. Still am. Good thing the kidlets have grown up. MOL!


  1. Love that story and great layout Lynn. The title is just perfect!

  2. Heehee!! Are your layouts 6 x 12 then?

  3. Funny story and great page, like all those little details you added to this one.


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