Friday, May 7, 2010

Flashback Friday 5.7 'love as ever, Aunt Ida'

The Challenge this Friday was about handwriting and letter writing. Snail mail - a lost art. Sad really. I've wanted to do this for awhile and thanks to my pals at 2 peas I have one more thing off my to-do list!!! WAHOO!!!!This is my great grandmother Ida Stocker Altemus's and thanks to my Aunt Florence who kept these priceless gems (and I only have a few-ran out of money at the copy machine in the supermarket LOL). It appeared that Ida kept a day runner/journal and also on any paper she had wrote stuff down that caught her fancy in addition to letter writing.
It appears that she was quite cheeky in some of her sayings/adages. And she loved scripture and prayers.
She kept up w/all the comings and goings in the 'hood. She also knew shorthand and there are a couple of entries in there that I'm assuming she didn't want know. I learned shorthand, and to my dismay I can't translate them YET. I think that like me, she had her "own" shorthand "shorthand". Seriously.
Maya Road album - could it be anymore perfect. I fondled this baby for a LONG time before I finally used it. Snort. Lots of foreplay lmao........
Then between Bad girls kits and mostly Kenner Road. The papers and do-dads came together.
Primas - can't ever go wrong w/them and found some stamps in the way-back stash. woo hoo!
My Mind's Eye (in which I did my entire roots album (diff line though) is the main paper along with the punched out die cuts (can we say YUM)! 7 gypsies are in the mix as well. Sigh 7g's rocks too.
Some thickets got in the mix and in the little envelopes little letter gems are stored.
And a lineage or two in her own writing.
And of course a prayer. Below is a partial letter she wrote to someone named Pascale. If you don't read anything else please read that. It's beautiful.
My Dear Pascale= Am thinking of home and visioning the rush and commotion for which this day has ben and snide still is the supreme special day of year. The circle market is gay with nature's beautiful wild flowers and florists hot house potted products - they hurry and scurry - the crowded buses - the martial music of the bands - the attractive high stepping majorettes. The viewing spots where the tall people have the front places and the small people like me have the rear stands and are obliged to stretch their necks to the limit in vain attempt to see the great parade in steeps of precision, coming down Northampton street with the small members of the family along side with daddy. (it ends there = written Memorial Day May 30 1952.


  1. Beautiful album - I love your choice of paper and embellishments.


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