Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love this photo.........

it reminds me of Shane and my Roxie.

Lucy is so sweet and you can just tell they adore each other. Thanks to my favorite sil I have the greatest pix to work with. I love the quote, don't know who did it. I think anonymous did and he/she is very famous. LOL!!! Jillybean Soup love the stuff and NEEEEED more of it. Creative cafe is here, and the Junkitz label - do you know HOW MANY YEARS I'VE WANTED TO USE THAT???? Do they even make them anymore???lmao................FINALLY did it. Oh and QK dragonfly font. Gotta love that. AND GLIMMER MIST - finally got that in there. WHO KNEW. A bunch of firsts for me!!! YEAH ME!


  1. wonderful job! isn't glimmer mist fun?! :)

  2. Love that little diecut paper sticking out, gives it so much interest! Glimmer mist, still trying to figure that one out. :)

  3. hahaha - girl you crack me up. Way to use up that stash! feels good right? And totally loving the new layouts! And way to pop your cherry on so many firsts! LMAO....


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