Saturday, February 27, 2010

Flashback Friday 2.26 "Sue"

This week's challenge was to journal about someone. So I had kinda decided what I wanted to do, but not how. Sigh. Took a trip to the local LSS after getting my nails done, found an album/card class she put together THAT I HAVE TO DO! and my work schedule just dances all around it. Shazbot! HOWEVER, I did pick up some Reminesce, Nikki Silvis and some Bo Bunny (new to ME). Sadly I haven't kept up w/the latest stuff. BUT I pick up what speaks to me. So I came home and this is what came together. Love it. I could've used more journaling room and that was lousy planning, but on the whole I got the essence in there. And since she was the family keeper of secrets and stories, she does show up in other journaling.

journaling: Born October 20, 1925 Susan Magel Helena Schneider. She as 9 years older that my mom. She worked as a file clerk for the FBI in the armory. She met Uncle Bob at the skating rink @1946. They were engaged a year before they married. She had 4 children - 2 died before her. (um she's still alive at this writing) She helped my Gram after Grandpop died. She was the keeper of family secrets & stories ( and was b/c I don't think people tell her things anymore). sigh.


  1. Great story and layout!!! YAY for the new supplies...LOVE BoBunny!!!

  2. oh girl this is just fabulous! She sounds like a wonderful woman and you really did this photo of her justice! beautiful!

  3. Aww Lynn, I love this page, and that journaling is perfect. Somehow pictures from the past bring me to a place that I think we all have ... it's that place we all want to crawl back to for just a bit and sit and listen to stories, and Sue looked like a great storyteller as well as secret keeper. Great job!

  4. love the layout ! the photo is beautiful! had to laugh at shazbot! have not heard that in years! I vote to blow off work!


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