Thursday, February 11, 2010

Flashback Friday - last week's and this week's da mojo

was flowing baby! Last week's was all about the wheels. Since I couldn't find a photo that had my bike it in, I decided to use a photo of my bike now. Love the jennibowlin die cut - it was a lot of fun, and added some qk blossom and spicy chicken. Decided it looked blah and added some autumn leaves swirl stamp to it. AND lots of journaling because well, I was windy. lol!

journaling: On the Christmas of 1964 my brother and I each received a new Schwin bike for Christmas. We were so thrilled even if we couldn't ride until spring. when spring finally rolled around we rode our bikes to the baseball field - meeting all the riders in the area - because the powers to be decided that all bike riders needed to be instructed in bicycle safety. We had to learn all the driving hand signals and USE them. We had to obey all the road signs and at the end we all got a license to put on our bike. Oh yes, we needed a horn or a bell! We were free! and rode all over town. Our bikes weren't fancy - not like today but it didn't matter. We embraced the concept. Today I ride all over my small town feeling righteous in fighting the gas prices and losing weight. Again, I had a blast and it was freeing and fun. Bopping all over town, me my bike and my IPOD. yeah baby!

This week's challenge was Regrets. Wellllll I started out almost writing war and peace really. Well not quite but I was chatty in a non coherent way. So I had a really brilliant flash that kept the journaling short and sweet in a better direction. Used my Kenner Road Kit (I believe the latest one) except for qk katie, doodlebug brads, and craftsmart stamps I got at M's for $1 each. wooo hooo!!! Broke out the ole dynamo labler too. Love that. I don't do enough of me and my DH seemed like an opportunity.

journaling: : Regrets - yeah baby I've had a few, but my biggest and only 2 regrets are the times I didn't listen to my gut and my second is not finding you sooner.


  1. OKAY - so I love these both - I miss scrapping with you, but you do wonders with my mojo, it's pretty much yours now that I think about it. I may borrow one day. *shrug* BUT while you've got the ideas and the journaling flowing - GO WITH IT ALL! That is an awesome picture of the two of you by the way! :) ~April

  2. love the bike layout ( love that you incorporated it on a circle !)
    you always inspire! thanks!

  3. Fabulous pages, Lynn! I just love your journaling on both!


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