Friday, June 26, 2009

Flashback Friday 6.26. (and I'm impressing myself

with all the blog updates this week. Dang. When you have something happenin'...helps a lot).

Anyhoo, this challenge was to do a page about your parent's job/career/position. Whatever. Well as you know, I was working on an 8x8 album of mom after she passed away, and I found I had to step back. WAAAAAAY back. So while I pondered doing dad's job, I looked down, saw all the dog hair on mom's poor album, dusted it off, paged through it and WA-LA inspiration. AND a flashback in my mind that she actually had a photo of her at her desk (bless her heart). This is about her job - but I love the picture because you can see her eyes laughing, w/her hands in front of her smile - so you can't see she didn't have her teeth in. Used to drive me nuts. Now I find it amusing. Now I find it okay. Now I'd love to see her toothless self. Sigh.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It hurts, its huge and its hamburger.......

And you should see the other guy. bwa dunt dunt. lmao......
THE RESULT of flying ass over teacup down the driveway and skidding to a halt with your nose. Several Times. At least. I have a minor fracture, a sinus condition that surprisingly is easing off bwahahaha (a good thing) and road rash that might scare little children on a dark stormy night. So I'm gonna be kicked back on the sofa with an ice pack on my face watching reruns so really I can keep my eyes closed. lol!!!! This is day 2. I'm hoping day 3 will be an improvement. I really don't want to scare the members at work either.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

There is a glow about us.........

that was so totally all about the sweat. Allen and Tirsa exchanged vows in Orlando, the day before Father's day, in 104 degree, no breeze happening, 6 p.m. in the evening in this beautiful setting. Pond, Ducks and Trees - awesome ambiance. A breeze would've been totally welcome. So the only ones really that weren't LOOKING LIKE THEY FELT THE HEAT was the bride and groom. At least we all looked and felt the same. Our sweat was sweating. But it didn't stop the moment. And it was a beautiful moment. There was lots of love, lots of fun, lots of family. Doesn't get any better than that. Really.

Monday, June 22, 2009

A lime in his sippy cup

was all that was required to make the day complete. LOL! Starting Owen at a young age to embrace and enjoy the benefits of relaxing in the Florida sun by bobbing up and down in the Gulf and the pool. Nothing like fresh air and water to make the day complete!!
Grammy also got a rental car for the little man - and he showed his pleasure by bouncing around like a little maniac. You couldn't help but laugh watching him!! AND it didn't matter when you put him in or how many times during the day - he always pooped. What a gift. lol!!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

On the way....I stopped to

take pix of the blackeyed Susies. They were gorgeous and running along a fence line from the 2 lane back road I was on. I was heading up to see Shane, and it was POURING. Now in Florida, when it rains, people freak. Seriously. They forget how to drive. And at the first drop. They slam on the brakes and keep their foot their just in case. ON A MAJOR HIGHWAY. So instead of getting annoyed and pissy, I jumped off and went the back way. It poured so hard I couldn't see my hand in front of my face, BUT ON THE WAY BACK. The sun came on out. Now I've taken this run a million times and always thought I really REALLY NEED to stop and take pix. DID I??? Not until NOW. I had my camera. In the front seat. I was armed and dangerous. Snort. Soooo....I stopped the car and hopped out. Now of course NOOOOOOOO cars were on the road until I stopped and hopped out. Sigh. The old shed is actually near Shane's dad's I started out right. The next house was on the way and I watched its decline over the years, which is sad because it could be a cute lil dwelling out in the middle of nowhere and there is still a ONE ROOM SCHOOLHOUSE being used. How cool is that. And then the blackeyed Susies calling my name. Of course they were across the road. Of course they looked cool over by the fence. Of course I had my good stuff on because we were celebrating Shane's birthday. Of course being on a mission I forgot the monsoon that passed by. Of course when I made an elegant leap (laughing hysterically on that one) across the ditch, I came up short (no surprise there) and landed RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DITCH WHERE THERE WAS ENOUGH WATER FOR ESTHER WILLIAMS TO DO WATER BALLET.....where my NEW SANDALS were drenched and I had mud up to my thighs (I mistakenly decided to be girlie and had a skirt/shorts under on (Didn't they call that a squart???) HATE that.LMAO..... Sigh. Anyway I took a couple of shots, all the time multi tasking w/this rationale on my mud soaked sandals. During my last foray in the mall w/my pal Chris, that had SALES GALORE. By one pair of sandals for $35.99 and get the second pair for a PENNY. I decided that I ruined my PENNY sandals. Its all about perspective. Snort.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Celebrating 18.......

with my baby boy. Sheesh. They go from zero to 18 in a heartbeat. There were speedbumps along the way, but still he's my favorite youngest son. We took this photo as we started our day. It was the old smoosh up close, hold the camera up and hope your actually in the viewfinder and click. Hopefully w/o a goofy look. My one eye looks like its on drugs but for a first and ONLY take it was really good. And I noticed, Shane and I have on this day the same color eyes. (Mine change colors on a daily basis thus promotng the whole goofy eye thing). Very cool OMEN. Same color eyes. He even sort of looks like me although he really does favor his old man - which makes me want to slap that right out of him. Now before I get all mushy and stuff, and bring tears to my pal Brookie.....

Although my boy turned 18 he still has a to do list. He needs to get his GED because well high school didn't go all that well. (AND A JOB-NOT NECESSARILY IN THAT ORDER). So with that in mind, his present was a laptop that will give him the opportunity IF HE CHOOSES TO TAKE IT to get his GED on line. And he's at his dad's which is a good thing, because he's easily distracted. He was very pleased with his laptop so he thought that ducking the camera seemed like a fun thing to do because well. He's a goof. Sweet, lovable, smart - but a goof all the same. So the fine dining establishment of choice for his birthday lunch was Applebees. He orders a hot dog. From the children's menu. NEED I SAY MORE......He said he felt like a hot dog. Snort.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hold me tight!

Love this photo by Jill Tetreault who's doing a WAY better job of it than I would. Anyway - my 2 boys, a couple of posers, of which Connor so reminds me of Shane *gasp*. Always w/the sassy in his mouth. A mute button. Bwahhahaha! Saw that on a LO once and have been meaning to steal that idea. So inadvertently I used a lot of different mfgs. Cosmo Cricket, Sassafrass Lass, Jillybean Soup flowers, MM brads, QK blossom & dragonfly and Heidi Swapp ghost letters. There must be some type of challenge for that somewhere!!!

OH OH!! Lost another 2.2 lbs for a GRAND TOTAL of 28. Only a few more to go. LOVE THAT. I'm gonna need new clothes. In a smaller size. Isn't that awful. LMAO.....
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