Sunday, December 20, 2009

Spending the day with the young & reckless.......

umm...that's what his shirt says and if the shirt fits......well that's my boy. lol!!!! He's doing well, living with dad and we had great fun yesterday. DH and I went to hang w/Shane and get his some new shoes and clothes for Christmas at the mall. Which I might say was INSANE. (What was I thinking). However, we weren't INTENSE about the whole experience, so being patient, all things did come in its time and we were in and out pretty darn quick. Shane was fun, funny and pretending reluctance at the picture taking....He was so excited about his new clothes that when we stopped at Starbucks for my BIG CHEAT, He changed in the car. Of course the camera caught all the action. I used my newly purchased Canon Powershot A1100 IS which has 12.1 mp. MORE than my Rebel (which I'll never give up). I like that I can carry it in my purse. I like that its stealthy because you never know when it'll be pointed at you. Click.

mmmmmmmmm...DH gets a triple shot latte, and I LOVE the mocha frappachino lite w/the gingerbread cake. OHMYYUM. So glad that puppy is seasonal!


  1. Love that pose! cool.
    and the coffee sounds delish.

    Merry Christmas, Lynn.

    Blessings, Sudie

  2. Hey, Lynn! Hope you have a fantastic Christmas! You're so sweet for alway stopping by my blog!

    Love ya!

  3. you got a new camera- lucky girl! hope you had a great holiday! now, i want starbucks too

  4. Love that picture of your son Lynn ... he's gonna a heart breaker for sure, if he isn't already. Sounds like a great day spent together ... certainly wonderful moments to remember. Glad to hear Shane is doing well ... and I love that you got your little cheat, you've done so well, I hope I can do the same this coming year.

  5. Awww - Shane is such a good looking boy!! Glad y'all had a good time together - i had fun catching up with you since I've been a wee MIA!!! LOL - glad to see holidays went without a hitch and hope you had a great New Year my friend!


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