Friday, May 1, 2009

Fashion Diva.....snort.

Oh yea. The 70's lol!!! Although I wish I was as fat NOW that I thought I was back then. GEEZ. Hindsight. But i digress. Again. Another Flashback Friday over at the Pea. Dug this flash from the past out and had the perfect papers to go with. We R Memory Keepers and Pink Paisley. Very funky and fun. Journaling: Halter tops, hip hugging, bell-bottomed blue jeans and wide white belt. Same long hair - no bangs and blue eye shadows. Anyway you should check out the thread because seeing everyone else's take on the fashion theme just brought back a TON of memories I didn't even think of and well I know have a few more lo's rolling in my head. Which comes to the Sunday Best lo. Sigh. Everything was an event or occassion back then that called for dressing up. The journaling here was more about a whine about the "pixie" hair. Snort. Journaling: Occassions back then always called for "Sunday Best." I didn't mind the dresses- it was the hair. I always had short hair. Oh they tried to be clever and say it was a "pixie" cut. But I wasn't buying it. I wanted long pretty hair like all the other little girls. But alwas it wasn't until 7th grade that I was "allowed" - you heard me right - to have long hair. Since then I've had it styled alot of ways but never quite "pixie" short.


  1. LOL great layouts Lynn! Someone SHOULD have had my hair cut short. Bleckkk, way to thin and stringy. LOL

  2. Dayyymmnnn, chickie, you are smokin' in that pic, LOL, you even have a six-pack!! These are so cute! Always loved the Sunday Best one!!

  3. Love the layout! And isn't it funny how we thought we were so much bigger than we were...if we only knew...

  4. Always fun to flash back! Great layouts!



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