Sunday, March 8, 2009

Shaney Raney

that's my boy. This was such a fun photo- taken at Walmart's oh so long ago and he was giggle so loud, people came over to see what was going on and started laughing too. You just couldn't help it. Anyway finishing up the "nickname" challenge, Shane had quite a few. That couldn't be helped either. Got to use my stash here. A bit of My Mind's Eye, Autumn Leaves stamp, my NEW QK font dragonfly, EK bookworm, and jotters. Here's the journaling: Awwww you first became Shaney Raney - why? because it was cute??? Of course there was a jingle as well - Sweet Shane momma's pain. Bwahahaha - because well you were. Then you became Precious Pup which was more sarcastic because your dad let you do whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted, with whatever you wanted. It wasn't a pretty time. The next adorable name was "Monk" man. Actually it was Monkey man but you changed it to Monk Man. We called you Monk Man because you curled your toes like a monkey. Then one day (at about 2 years you proudly announced w/your thumbs wrapped in tank top at the shoulders "I Shane 'miah." You couldn't exactly get the Jeremiah out which was your middle name. And this time it stuck. Even today when you make me nuts, you are proudly Shane 'miah.


  1. what a cute guy and a cute layout!

  2. love the journaling on this - and what a cute cute cute photo!

  3. heee the story. I bet that was infectuous!!! love the design on the layout!


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