Friday, March 27, 2009

Another flashback friday layout....

this time a favorite activity. Mine was sewing, made w/graphic 45 paper, thickers (again i knooow), mm paperie flowers, buttons and thread. and of course stitching.

journaling: When I was in the 7th grade home ec was a requirement. I fell in love with the sewing and everything about it. I wasn't unfamiliar with patterns, material because my grandmother had ladies, 2 of them actually, that sewed for her and sometimes me, and let me tell you, she always knew what was cutting edge, and "all the go" as she would say, in fashion. So for Christmas, my grandparents bought a sewing machine, brand name White. It was in a cabinet with a a knee pedal because I had issues with the foot pedal. LOL! To further my sewing education, she also paid for lessons from a lady who taught me how to factory sew. I could do sleeves, zippers, darts, without the use of pins and taught me the importance of ironing the seams and darts. From there on I hit the ground running. Back then patterns were not expensive, nor depending on the sale neither was the material. Gram allowed me then to sew simple house dresses for her. I thought I was just the coolest thing. I made a lot of my own clothes and hers.

It wasn't until later, in the 1980's that I started sewing again after a long hiatus. Mom and I fell into a routine. After the choosing of patterns and materials, mom would cut out the pieces, and I would sew them, still using my White until the motor finally died, and I bought another (which stupidly I gave away thinking I'd never use it again. Silly me). I can remember my mom being so gung ho that pieces would be piled up to ceiling (lol) that needed sewing. It was a mixed batch of mine and hers. Sadly what I learned about factory sewing flew out the window with the don't use it /lose it philosophy. I had to read the directions, use the pins, baste some things and remember to iron the seams down. But we had some really cool outfits to wear, and a lot of them I was able to wear to the office.

My wonderful husband bought me a new sewing machine and would've gotten top of the line had I not stopped him. I pondered again about making my own clothes again, but honestly its not practical anymore; time nor expense wise. So now my layouts get the benefit and every now and then a repair or hemming will be done. I feel like I should do more and maybe one day I will.


  1. Great layout, and hey, you can use thickers as much as you want. You won't here me complain!

  2. love the story on the layout....and on the design of this! my jaw hit the ground. seriously...rocked it!

  3. love the design and the story! you always inspire me!


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