Thursday, January 8, 2009

Joy - a mini album of Owen...which hopefully the parents won't see.

bwahahahaha! Just a tease actually. But ain't he cute. All photos taken by - now that that's out of the way let's get scrappy. Snort. It's Tinkering Ink album which totally rocks - a mix of acrylic and chipboard w/cutouts. The rest is ALL Chatterbox - made exclusively for Sam's and you get a TON of stuff in it. I did use some Hero Arts clear bling and one attached itself to Owen's cheek and took a piece out but I can't replace it because I ran out of HP photo paper and the other paper I have is well. Crap. WAH WAH WAH! LOL! Oh and a noteworthy flower as well. Sanded the sides down w/my handy-dandy BG sanders. I hope the parents w/be thrilled!


  1. dude........that album is beyond uber cute! the parents MUST've been thrilled! he is the cutest little thing! getting bigger fo' sho!!! love the supplies used for it...missed ya my friend! here's to a better new year - :D ♥

  2. supre cute mini- i bet they will love it!


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